Agents and bots working side by side.

Allow your customer service representatives to focus on what really matters.

Live customer support through chat has become one of the most important channels for customer interactions. Chat based interactions allow busy customers to multi-task and provides them with transcripts of interactions that are important for transparency.

Did you know that customer service representative spend about 60% of their time typing similar straightforward responses over and over again? Let Semantica help your Customer Service representatives support more clients and focus on the real issues. Our Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technologies automatically predict possible responses and allow agents to select the best response with a single click, increasing efficiency and response times.


One line integration.

Semantica works with most live chat platforms including Live Person, Zendesk and Live Chat. No agents training required.

The Human Connection.

During conversations the Semantica system will recommend 3 of the best responses and the customer service representative can select the best option or choose to type their own.

Semantica AI learns with every interaction.

Our system analyzes your customer interaction history and becomes smarter with each interaction, providing the best reliable answers to commonly asked customer queries.

We're currently running a private beta program with selected clients. If you're interested in joining please contact us.

P: 646-470-5480